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I hope that over time you will find this a place to gain information, insight and maybe even a littlehope to help you meet the rigors of meeting the worlds' everyday challenges. Perhaps thenumber one priority is the economic portion of these challenges.  Over time I have come to the conclusion that we must change the way we look at income and how to achieve income in our lives.
Current economies are based on there having to exist a large pool of not only cheap labor but a large pool of people in need of life's basicnecessities. This can not continue if this world is to have any kind of future. All men (and women) must participate in the economics of world trade. This must be done with the intent not to benefit just a few but to benefit all of mankind in ways that will improve mankind's ability to survive the next millennium and beyond.

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Okay!   Simply put, we want to see if people in general (first) want to help other people in need (second) are willing to invest a minimum of $2 up to a maximum of $200 IF they could reap a reward equal to twice their investment (third) would be willing to repeat that process over and over again and (fourth) would be willing to tell others and actually help others to do the same.
 If people are interested then together we can help those in need such as;


  1. those living in poor housing
  2. children needing food and clothing
  3. those needing medical care
  4. those needing help with the exorbitant cost of fuel and electricity
  5. seniors on limited incomes needing help to obtain prescriptions and certain dietary needs


There is truly no need for people to go without if all concerned are willing to work with each other in a unified effort.  No, we are not preaching for the creation of a socialistic state but rather we are attempting to take free enterprise to its full limits.


 Our ideas may not be perfect and that is why we desperately need input, opinions and ideas from you to help in our decision making.  We have definite plans but this is still a work in progress.


 This site will contain many different ideas and methods to obtain extra income from blogging and article writing to creating sales.  These are not get rich ideas but rather ways to "nickel and dime" our way into extra income for ourselves and for those people in need.
  • If you look around this site you will notice some advertisements for various items.  One is Associated Content and another is for Informative Post.  Both are simple pay for article sites that could earn you a little extra cash each month.  Informative post will get you between 25 and 50 dollars while Associated Content allows for more possibility.  AC pays upon accepting an article for publishing and sends each payment to your pay pal account.  So, in your spare time you could knock out an extra hundred bucks or so each month.


The Easter holiday weekend is almost upon us here at  We hope that each of you have a safe and happy holiday.  At the same time please recognize what this holiday represents.  It represents the idea of ressurection, of coming back to life.  That concept is exactly what we need to believe can happen to our financial lives.  It can come back to life and flourish under any condition if we just keep plugging away.

DUMPSTER DIVING  I rreally don't like this term but it is as good as any.  I always called it scavenging or affirmative recycling.  Most of us would never even consider doing such a thing with visions of beggars and bums sifting through city dumpsters.  Really it is not that bad.  I myself have done this on many occasion sometimes by accident.  Many times I may be driving through a neighborhood and see something set by the roadside that seems appealing or perhaps it makes me wonder why they are throwing it away instead of donating it to someone.

A problem that I have at an apartment complex, where I assist the owner and friend, is with people dropping off their old sofas by the dumpster.  My friend paid to have these dumped.  Needing the excercise, I offered my service to break them down and place in the dumpster already paid for.  Over time I found that these items had pieces of wood I could use for crafts, small repairs, etc....  I also found rolling wheels, electric lights, rollers, screws, bolts and nuts, washers, pens and pencils, a gold ring, and of course money.

Do not prejudge this alternative to get ahead.  My friend recently starting giving me $5.00 for each one I tore apart.  Getting ahead and winning is in the eye of the beholder.

Nobody...and I mean Nobody should ever have to go without.  I am asking you to help me make it so. 


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26/03/2009 08:37
Hey folks!  It seems that Informative and have both gone out of business.  So that means we can't make money there any more.  Try using  It is easy and well worth the time. 

Mr Dprince Knows

05/01/2009 14:58
Hey folks! Just to let you know I have joined at a new site to add more blogs. Look for the blog Mr Dprince Knows at   

Merry Christmas

25/12/2008 09:20
I just wanted to wish each and everyone a very Merry Christmas holiday and pray that you make it safely into the new year.  Hopefully, this site will be complete by then.  God Bless.

Help T.C woman

05/12/2008 13:20
In my blog there is mention of a Texas City,Texas woman who nearly died for reason still not ye fully uncovered.  I have never raised funds for anyone before but I added a paypal portal for donations.  Anything would be a help to put her back on her feet again.  If you are...

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23/11/2008 07:38
Check out my recently published content on AC: Home Security Update

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23/11/2008 07:32
Check out my recently published content on AC: The Smart Choice for People on a Diet: Read the Label

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19/11/2008 05:34
This site is still under construction so please be patient.

Website launched

19/11/2008 05:33
Our new website has been launched today. We hope to gather enough interest to develop new and easier ways to meet the problems each of us faces financially.  Along the way maybe...just maybe...we will have some fun too.

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